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Mika Hazan Bloom

2020- "Spaces in trumoil" group exhibition, Haifa Museum

2020- "Family Stories" group exhibition, kunstmuseum Bochum, germany

2020- "XO" group video exhibition at Atar, old jaffa museum

2019- "Social Bauhaus" art event, Haifa

2019- "Displacement" Musrara Mix festival, jerusalem

2019- "Pyrotechnix" Art Cube, Artists' Studios, jerusalem
2019- "Partial Glare" Artspace Tel Aviv

2018- "Business Closed" group exhibition at Balcont art space

2018- "No Wonder" Noa Schwartz & Mika Hazan Bloom at Idris gallery

2018- "Business" Tamar Katz & Mika Hazan Bloom at Hahanut gallery

2017- "Woven and Untangled" group exhibition at Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art
2017- "Five Stops" group exhibition at Kav 16 Community Gallery For Contemporary Art
2017- "Nothing But Longing" Void Gallery Derry, Northern Ireland
2016- "Constant Craving" MFA Solo exhibition at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
2015- "Emigrate / Immigrate" group exhibition at Circle1 Gallery Berlin
2015- "Makom Ma're"- group exhibition at Pasáž Club
2015- "Hakol Be Dollar. Enjoy" group exhibition at Gabirol Gallery
2015- "The Wedding" group exhibition at Gabirol Gallery
2014- "Thank you for coming" BFA Solo exhibition at Shenkar College graduate show


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Support from the Rabinovich foundation


The America-Israel Cultural Foundation (AICF) scholarship 


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